2015 Goals

I have been struggling to put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard?) and formally publish goals for 2015. While I definitely had some great moments in 2014, the year as a whole felt stagnant with little forward movement. That is not something I care to repeat in 2015. It’s February and I now have a hodgepodge list of things I’d like to accomplish in 2015. Though I think the first may be to purchase a life planner.


Day Job
While I like my current position and enjoy what I do, the hours do not allow for a work/life balance that is sustainable for me long term. I miss my kids. I miss my friends. I miss having a sitter for non-work related activities.

I know this is a blog and I occasionally write on it however, I have several blogging ideas for projects that could eventually become a source of income. I need to invest in one of them.


40th Birthday Trip
Go somewhere fun with amazing people. This is already in the planning stages. Want to come along? Let me know.

Get Back in Shape
This is something that definitely fell by the wayside in 2014. Spin, run, yoga…something at least 3 times a week. I’ve got Dumbo Double Dare in August!

See 25 Concerts
Live music feeds my soul. This should be easy so to throw a wrench in it, let’s make 10 of them people I haven’t seen before. I’m already at 2/25 and 1/10 with 5 on the books so I’m well on my way.


Weekly Family Dinner
With my current work schedule this has been a tough one. I need to be better organized so we can sit down at least once a week to a proper family dinner.

Monthly Movie Night
Seven loves movies. Theater, Netflix, it doesn’t matter. Share this experience with her once a month.

Monthly “Thing” with Thirteen
Parenting a teenaged boy is tough. I need to find something for us to share and participate in regularly. Going to a sporting event? Playing a game?

Book and plan a family vacation. While we may not do more than a long weekend until 2016, let’s get the process started.

Memory Books
I have fallen completely behind on the kids memory books. I think I’m sometime in 2010. I’ve stopped taking so many pictures so once I catch up, I think I may have an easier time keeping current.


We’ve officially been in our house for 3.5 years, which is about as long as I’ve ever lived anywhere as an adult. Since I’m locked into this location for at least 4.5 more years there is work to be done! Some of these may carry into 2016 and beyond.

Master Bedroom/Bath
Paint the bathroom vanity, fix the tub faucet and shower grout. Complete all those little projects that don’t get done. Order bedding and actually hang some pictures. Make the space my own.

Replace living room laminate and upstairs carpet with hard wood.

Paint cabinets, new countertops, breakfast bar, backsplash and new appliances. Also win the lotto.

Misc Projects
Fix doors and add storm doors.
Fireplace remodel.
Move piano.
Wall mount TV.

Anyone handy want to help???

Lastly, every one asks me about dating and relationships so I’ll just say this: if I decide with someone that we will be a priority in each other’s lives, there will be room on the list.



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