2014 Year in Review

When you wake up with the pain of trying to make a dream fly
Taking the good and the bad with a big smile
Uncertain roads and the thrill of the chase
But I’d have to say I’m in a pretty good place

- When I Woke Up Today, Wade Bowen

I wasn’t going to do a 2014 recap because I felt like this year was pretty stagnant and December has been a bit of a struggle for me. However, I decided that I needed the reminder of just how great the last 12 months were. Now, I’m looking forward to having an even better 2015!


Mary and I go “double VIP” at the Josh Abbot Band show where the guys in Mockingbird Sun decided that their songs “Alyson” and “Hey Mary” are about us. We exploit their comments for the remainder of the year on Twitter. They totally play along.




The Broncos lose the Super Bowl in epic fashion. The kids and I give up watching just after halftime.
Went to a Pat Green show, again.
The kids and I visit Delray, gherm Andy Roddick, and Justin and I  attempt to surf.
Saw an amazing American Aquarium and Turnpike Troubadours show with Carly, Kaylee and Danielle, where I get bit by a stranger.

IMG_9837 IMG_0019



March was pretty damn uneventful, except I bought  myself a new pair of boots.



Spent the day at the zoo with friends.
We celebrated Mary’s birthday at WDW. I’d say that I drank too many Grey Goose slushies and hung out too much at La Cava del Tequila but when it comes to those things there is no such thing as ‘too much.’

IMG_0552 IMG_0672


I practically move into Joe’s Bar for the month and see Cody Johnson Band, Granger Smith, The Departed and the start of the middle of the night epic Brad Paisley, Charlie Worsham, Randy Houser and Leah Turner after party jam.
Painted the lake house.
Jay’s 13th birthday.

IMG_0962 IMG_1058



A huge month that started with the after party Brad Paisley, Charlie Worsham, Randy Houser and Leah Turner show.
Celebrated my birthday with Alison, Danielle, Mary, Marlena, the Rankins and William Clark Green.
The kids go to WDW.
I meet Heather’s twins.

IMG_1115 IMG_1305



4th of July celebrations. I don’t set anything on fire.
Dave Matthews show with Mary, Bobbi and Kayci.
Paul McCartney show.
The BEST DAY EVER with Mary and the guys from Texas at Windy City Smokeout.
Baseball! Sox game with Johnny. Cubs game with the kids.
Corey Smith at Joe’s Bar.

IMG_1697 IMG_1929



Celebrated Jen’s birthday at a rainy Lolla.
Dragged my mom to see Motley Crue, which was awesome.
On a boat!
Seven got her ears pierced, I did not.

IMG_1968 IMG_2153



Labor day weekend with the family & Mary at the lake house.
Will Hoge.
Crab boil with Dorothy, Felicia and Mary.
Apple picking with Amy and the kids where we are bitten by so many mosquitos that I’m convinced we will all end up with West Nile.
Did I mention I saw Will Hoge????

IMG_2429 IMG_2621



Jay and I go to our first Hawks game in year and end up with amazing seats thanks to a generous friend.
Charlie Daniels show.
Paul visits to run the Chicago Marathon. Mary and I hand out candy.
A great night seeing Micky and the Motorcars, Stoney LaRue show and old friends.
Pumpkin patch and Halloween fun with Alison (& kids.)

IMG_2906 IMG_3083


Celebrate Felicia’s Birthday at iO and Burger Bar.
Met Sarah at WDW and ran the Wine and Dine Half Marathon.
Took nearly the rest of the month off to recover.
Introduce Dorothy to Texas Country with a Cody Johnson Band and William Clark Green show. She doesn’t kill me.
Only sorta set a fire cooking Thanksgiving dinner.
Art Alexakis show at City Winery where we are pretty convinced that he still hates Mary.

IMG_3246 IMG_3381



Seven turned seven. We celebrate a lot.
I start a new job. I work a lot.
Gingerbread House day at school.
Kids go to Colorado and Oregon for Christmas, I work more.
Crankiness ensues.

IMG_1951 IMG_3674


Happy New Year. See y’all in 2015.





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