Motley Crue: Full Circle

10526140_10203871498340212_3834406644306061253_n* My mom, Carol, ended up at the Motley Crue show with me and wrote a guest post for the blog about it! 

Little did I know or even imagine that when I drove my daughter and her friends to Alpine Valley in 1990 to see her first favorite band, Motley Crue, that nearly 25 years later I would be here with her at Motley’s final farewell concert tour. But here I am and this time I am inside the venue not just sitting in the parking lot!


So how did this happen? Well in the words of Nikki Sixx “sit down, I have a story to tell.”

For weeks my daughter Alison was lamenting the fact that she didn’t know anyone who would want to go to the Motley Crue concert with her nor could she afford anything other than lawn seats. She was truly upset that her first love of bands was on their final tour and performing a new miles down the road and she was going to miss it. Not exactly end of the world whining but…let me editorialize a moment about being a girl – if she were a guy she would have bought a ticket and gone alone. Anyway I digress.

IMG_2101Concert day came and she had accepted the fact that she was not going to be there to bid farewell to the Crue. I, on the other hand, went to my usual Friday breakfast with friends. At breakfast, the universe took charge and amid the usual mundane conversations my friend Paulette announced that she was going to watch her nephew Troy’s band The Raskins perform tonight. Turns out The Raskins are opening for Alice Cooper and Motley Crue.


To make a long story short, Alison and I purchased lawn tickets to meet Paulette and her family at the venue. Troy’s tour manager took us up close to the “fan deck” to get a better view of The Raskins and that is where we stayed for the entire concert.


As Alison and I were in the traffic line to leave the venue it was a full circle moment 25 years in the making. Not just for Alison, but for me too. I was still driving!

So what about the concert itself? It was just as you would expect: loud, over the top pyrotechnics, weird, crude, spectacular and crazy wonderful. I couldn’t understand a word, my ears are still ringing, but it was oh so cool.


PS: I have a feeling Motley Crue is not exactly “retiring.” Who knows 25 years from now – let’s see what the universe has planned.



* Same Ol SItuation – Alpine Valley a just turned 15yo Alison can be seen at the 2:17 mark. 

* My concert review

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